Saturday, May 11, 2019

Which Country Visits India Most?

The Indian tourism industry has arisen as one of the fastest growing industries across the world. It’s boosted the economic growth of India. However, India is the land of diversity and one can’t simply restrict themselves on a single purpose. India has a wide range of things to offer the world and tourist from all over the world. India is widely famous for its culture and the large quantity of visitor comes from all over the globe. Which country tourist visits India most, can be very difficult before. But the introduction of E-visa made this easy to count which country tourist applied for a visa for India. As per stats, the most tourist visit to India for us citizens comes from the USA which shares 15.12% of tourists. On the second position, Bangladeshi visits India the most and then comes the visitors of England, Sri Lanka, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, Germany, France, and Japan on the list.
If you are planning to visit India, you can apply for E-visa India. Hence, the process of applying tourist visa becomes very easy. One can apply it online via the Indian government official visa website. 

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